January 28, 2010

First Entry: Purpose & Introduction

I teach astronomy to high school seniors. I am also an amateur astronomer...a very, VERY amateur astronomer.

I received an email today with some great links for places where students can get pictures without copyright issues. I looked for some pictures of the moon, planets, or stars and couldn't find any that weren't taken by satellites or major research telescopes.

I also just received a grant that allowed me to purchase astronomy equipment for our planetarium. As part of the equipment I purchased both a CCD camera and a DSLR.

I plan on learning astrophotography and then using that knowledge to teach some of my students about it. I will use this blog to track the progress that I make and I guess serve as an information source for others who are learning astrophotography.

For now though, I am just waiting for the go-ahead to order the equipment.

Next post will likely be an equipment list, etc.