February 28, 2010

Why THIS Equipment? (Camera)

Why did I choose the Canon 1000D (Digital Rebel XS)? Here's what I've learned from various sources about cameras:

What Kind of Pictures Do You Want to Take?
What's the Best Camera to Take Them With?
* Scenics - DSC or DSLR
* Planetary - Webcam
* Deep-sky - CCD or DSLR

Canon DSLR's are standard, then Nikon in second
Good points about the Canon 1000D (Digital Rebel XS):
Low noise (Canon is typically better)
High sensitivity
Good signal to noise ratio
Live-view focusing
Single-Cable operation

It'll double as a daytime camera that's much better than what I already have (cell phones have more megapixels)
I can start learning to take scenic astrophotos without the worry of telescopes and tracking, etc. and then upgrade to attaching it to a telescope.

So, for a modest $450, it fit the budget well, allowing me to take scenic pictures on a tripod and Deep-Sky images through the Celestron SCT. I'll probably try it through the EON refractor, too, just to see what happens. Most of the info came from http://www.astropix.com/HTML/I_ASTROP/CAMERAS.HTM
I did get a zoom lens as well, which will likely be used.

Needed: T-ring adapter for attachment to the scope
Adapter for >30 sec. exposure

February 15, 2010


So what's the plan for using this stuff?
  1. Use a tripod and figure out how to take pictures of sunsets (with the Moon and Venus, etc.) using the DSLR
  2. Get good at that
  3. Practice using EON refractor
  4. Take pictures of planets through the EON refractor using the DSLR
  5. Figure out how to process the images
  6. Take pictures of planets through the EON refractor using the CCD Cameras
  7. Figure out how to process the images
  8. Do the same with the Celestron SCT

Equipment List

So what do I have to take Astrophotos with?

Canon EOS Rebel XS (a.k.a. 1000D) SLR Digital Camera
18-55mm IS Lens

Canon Zoom Telephoto EF 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 III Autofocus Lens
Canon EOS Camera T-ring for Astrophotography
1.25" Universal Camera Adapter

Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imager III

Orion StarShoot Planetary Imager and AutoGuider

Orion Sirius EON 120ED EQ-G GoTo Refractor

Orion SkyQuest XT10i Computerized IntelliScope

and an old Celestron SCT that looks a lot like this...